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Taped or untaped lyra?

Sometimes individuals who practice aerial hoop want to remove the tapes and have an unadorned aerial hoop, which works great for performing maneuvers like spins, various types of drops, and descents. However, a question arises: how to remove adhesive traces from the hoop after removing the tapes? We have proven methods for that.

Aerial hoop training – better on a taped or untaped lyra?

Taping the hoop with adhesive tapes prevents hands from slipping too much on the hoop during exercises. Aerial hoop taping provides a slightly firmer grip, which can make many athletes feel safer on such a hoop. Circus hoop tapes are used in various competitions. (See post: Aerial Hoop Competitions 2023 – What to Pay Attention To?). Tapes also protect the hoop from scratches and allow changing its color to match choreography, for example.

However, there's a significant following for a shiny, smooth, untaped hoop on which maneuvers like spins, certain drops, and descents are executed more freely. Hence, it's difficult to definitively determine whether it's better to practice on a taped or untaped hoop. It all depends on the individual athlete's predisposition and the specific elements they want to perform on the hoop. Often, a moment comes when many people decide to remove the tapes from the hoop. But then a problem arises because unsightly sticky residues remain on the hoop. Check out what's the best  way to remove tape adhesive from the hoop.

How to remove adhesive traces from the hoop?

To get rid of adhesive traces from the hoop, try the method recommended by us, which is 100% safe for the paint that covers your hoop. Prepare WD-40 or another oily substance (e.g., oil) and a cotton cloth with which you will remove dirt, as well as glass cleaner or a specialized degreasing fluid. Then follow the steps below.

  • Apply WD-40 or another oily substance to the hoop in places where adhesive traces from taping are present.
  • Use the cloth to remove these impurities.
  • To degrease the hoop, use glass cleaner and thoroughly clean the entire hoop.
Voilà! Your hoop should look like new after this short procedure. You can also make a degreasing solution at home. For this purpose, use a gentle solution of water and vinegar. The proportions are 1 tablespoon of vinegar to half a liter of water.

How to remove tape adhesive from the hoop

– other methods Oil or petroleum jelly, as well as alcohol, will also help you clean the hoop from adhesive. You can take an old towel or several layers of paper towel, soak them in oil, and then wipe the entire hoop. The more the oil soaks into the impurities on the hoop, the easier the adhesive will come off, so it's worth waiting a moment. Then alcohol will be useful to degrease the hoop. You can also use dishwashing liquid or the aforementioned glass cleaner for degreasing.

Many people use a special sticker remover for cars to remove adhesive traces from the hoop. This also guarantees that the paint covering your hoop will not be damaged. You can easily find this product in larger supermarkets in the automotive section or simply order it online.

Summing up, the following can be used to remove adhesive from the hoop:

  • WD-40,
  • oil,
  • petroleum jelly.
For degreasing the hoop, you can use:
  • dishwashing liquid,
  • glass cleaner,
  • alcohol, a homemade solution of water and vinegar (1 tablespoon of vinegar per 500 ml of water).

Removing adhesive from the hoop – a few good tips Useful tips:

  • if you decide to remove adhesive from the hoop using chemical agents, make sure the room in which you will clean the hoop has good ventilation;
  • also, be mindful of your hand's skin. It already goes through a lot from the exercises on the hoop, so don't strain it additionally and don't irritate it with cleaning agents! It's best to wear protective gloves before you start cleaning the hoop;
  • some people, to avoid mess and staining the floor, perform the entire cleaning process outdoors or place the hoop in a bathtub. If you're afraid of making a mess in your apartment or studio, consider these options too.

We hope that our methods for removing adhesive traces from the hoop will be helpful to you. If you have any questions regarding the use of Flying Rose Sport equipment, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to provide the best solutions!

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