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How to Install Yoga Hammock at Home?

Ensuring safety during workouts depends on various factors, including equipment quality, technique, skills, and observed precautions. For aerial sports, proper installation is also a priority. In this article, we explain how to correctly hang a yoga hammock.

Where to Install a Yoga Hammock at Home?

You can actually hang it anywhere as long as the chosen space meets certain requirements. The area shouldn't be cluttered, as the space around the hammock should be clear to avoid hitting furniture or walls during exercises. It's recommended to have at least 1 meter of clearance on all sides, but the more, the better. Ceiling height is also important. In very low rooms, safe suspension of the hammock can be challenging, and the risk of hitting the floor is relatively high. To avoid such situations, pay careful attention to choosing the hammock length according to the room. Yoga hammocks should be hung in rooms with a minimum height of 2 meters, and an optimal height is around 2.5 - 3 meters.

When choosing the installation site, you should also consider whether hanging the hammock there is feasible and what kind of work it requires. It might turn out that selecting a different room would be better due to easier installation. This depends on the type of ceiling you have and the chosen method of suspension.

Types of Yoga Hammock Installation to the Ceiling

You can hang a yoga hammock at home in two ways, depending on the type:

  1. Single Carabiner (Single Suspension)
  2. Dual Carabiners (Double Suspension). In the second case, the distance between the hooks should be the same as the width of the practitioner's shoulders/hips.

The type of suspension doesn't have a significant impact on the attachment due to the ceiling type, but it's important to keep this in mind before starting the installation to avoid adjustments later.

How to Install a Yoga Hammock?

The installation method must be tailored to the type of ceiling you have. Below, we will list the most common types of ceilings that customers ask about.

  1. Suspended Ceiling – installation in a suspended ceiling is impossible. You need to drill through it or make a larger hole and install the mount in the actual ceiling/structural elements. The mounting method must be chosen based on the material in the proper ceiling.
  2. Concrete or Reinforced Concrete Ceiling – in this type of ceiling, you need to install a chemical anchor or a steel anchor. The installation area should be free from cracks and chips. If the concrete/reinforced concrete is of good quality, we recommend using steel anchors (segmental). If you're uncertain about the quality of the concrete/reinforced concrete, opt for a chemical anchor.
  3. Brick – we don't recommend installation in brick without consulting a structural engineer. The anchor should be tailored to the bricks, and the installation area must be strong enough.
  4. Hollow Blocks (Ackerman Floor) – installation in hollow blocks is not recommended. Hang the hammock on reinforced concrete beams.
  5. Metal Beam (I-beam) – if the beam is on top (not embedded in the ceiling), you can use suspension or ropes, threading them around the beam in a loop configuration. Important: regularly check if the attachments are not wearing out. If the beam is embedded in the ceiling, you can screw into it.
  6. Wooden Beam – installation is only possible on durable, sound wooden beams. For installation, you can use suspension or ropes, as in the case of an exposed metal beam. You can also screw an eye bolt into the wooden beam with a wood-threaded tip.
  7. Door Frame – if the hammock is to serve as a swing for a child, you can mount it on the door frame. Choose the appropriate installation method based on the material the door frame is made of.

We present types of mounts and anchors available in our store below. We offer the most commonly used types of mounts; for more individual installation options, we recommend consulting with a professional climber.

What Height Should the Yoga Hammock Hang?

It's considered that the room should have a minimum height of 2 meters to practice on the hammock. The suspension height also depends on this parameter, as the length of the yoga hammock is always adjusted to the room's height – it should hang about 1 meter above the floor. When choosing, consider the following recommendations:

  • 4-meter hammock - for rooms with a height of 2-2.5 meters - less fabric, additional climbing slings;
  • 5-meter hammock - for rooms with a height of 2-2.5 meters - more fabric, more possibilities;
  • 6-meter hammock - for rooms with a height of 2.5-3 meters - optimal choice;
  • 7-meter hammock - for rooms with a height of 3-3.5 meters - lots of fabric, for the demanding.

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