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Choose the Perfect Aerial Hoop Size

How to Choose the Right Aerial Hoop Size?

Every piece of equipment needs to be tailored to the user. The same goes for aerial hoops, which come in several sizes. We offer basic sizes: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 cm (outer diameters of the hoop), but we also customize sizes like 75, 80, 110 cm upon request. So, how do you choose the best one for you? We present methods that will help you create an aerial hoop set tailored to your needs. You will also learn how to choose the hoop size for children.

Acrobatic Ring Sizes

First, two crucial points: when referring to the size of an acrobatic ring, we mean its outer diameter, and the hoop's size should always be matched to the user's height.

There's no such thing as a "universal" aerial hoop. While it's possible to adapt to slightly larger or smaller models, using them isn't comfortable or effective. This is precisely why hoop selection is crucial, especially if it's your own hoop and not one used by many people in a school.

Depending on the brand, aerial hoops can have various sizes, but standard diameters range from 80 cm to 105 cm (in 5 cm increments). Our available sizes include: 75 (upon request), 80 (upon request), 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, and 110 (upon request) cm. The ideal size can be determined using specific measuring methods. To ensure the most accurate measurements, it's helpful to have someone assist you. These methods are straightforward!

Aerial Hoop Size – Measuring Methods

  1. Sit on a chair. Straighten up. Measure the distance from the sitting point (the seat) to the top of your head and add 12-15 cm. The result is the hoop size.
    Measuring method 1 for selecting aerial hoop size is recommended!
  2. The second method, favored by a few instructors, involves standing upright. Measure the distance from the top of your hip bone to your foot. Add 5 cm to the result. This value is the ideal aerial hoop size for you.

Using both methods and comparing the results is a good idea. If they differ, Method 1 should be used.

Key Principles for Selecting Aerial Hoop Size:

  1. Use measurement method number 1.
  2. Pay attention to the hoops used in your classes. If your child practices on a 100 cm hoop in class and feels comfortable, then choose that size. The power of habit is significant!
  3. Consult an aerial acrobatics trainer – they know your abilities best and are often the best advisors.
  4. For children, it's recommended to buy a size larger than the measurement suggests. For example, if the ideal size based on measurement is 85 cm, it's advisable to buy a 90 cm hoop to avoid replacing it every 6 months.

Suggested aerial hoop size based on practitioner's height – this is just a suggestion derived from our extensive experience. Keep in mind that everyone has different body proportions, so it's best to select the size using the methods presented or consult your trainer.

Hoop Size - Suggested Practitioner's Height:

110 cm - 180+ cm

105 cm - 172 - 180 cm

100 cm - 164 - 172 cm

95 cm - 156 - 164 cm

90 cm - 148 - 156 cm

85 cm - 135 - 148 cm

80 cm - below 135 cm

Selecting Aerial Hoop Tube Diameter

Aerial hoops can also have different tube diameters. Thinner tubes provide a better grip, but they can be uncomfortable for individuals with large hands. An optimal tube diameter is 27 mm (our standard), as ergonomic studies confirm its grip efficiency. However, other sizes ranging from 24 mm to even 34 mm are popular abroad (our standard 27 mm could be considered intermediate, making it an optimal choice).

We offer a standard diameter of 27 mm, but upon special request, we can prepare hoops with less typical thicknesses.

Choosing Aerial Hoop Size for Children

As mentioned earlier, the aerial hoop should be chosen based on the practitioner's height. However, keep in mind that children grow quickly. For kids who are still growing and using the hoop recreationally, it's a good idea to buy a hoop one or even two sizes larger. This way, the aerial hoop will serve them longer and be more useful (it's easier to use a slightly larger hoop than one that's too small).

Choosing a size for children who train professionally and prepare for competitions is a different matter. In such cases, the diameter should match the practitioner's current height.

Where to Buy an Aerial Hoop?

The answer is simple with us because we are one of the largest circus equipment manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to being users of the offered equipment ourselves and engaging in the sport regularly, we can select the best products. Additionally, due to our extensive market experience, we offer competitive prices for high-quality equipment. Most importantly, we are the only ones with aerial hoops certified by the independent research unit TUV NORD.

How to Assemble an Aerial Hoop Set?

The foundation is selecting the right hoop – the proper size and tailored to the user's needs (number of attachment points, tape, installation method). A complete aerial hoop set, suitable for most cases, should include: the hoop (covered or not), ceiling attachment point, 2 carabiners, 1 extension strap (or other rigging), a swivel with an additional carabiner (if needed), and a crash mat (if needed). Such a set is already available in our offer, so you don't need to select each product separately.

To make your life easier, we have prepared several ready-made aerial hoop sets especially for you!

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