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Aerial Hoop 1-pointAerial Hoop 1-point
Aerial Hoop 1-point
Aerial Hoop 1-point

Aerial Hoop 1-point

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The diameter of the hoop is the diameter on the outside of the hoop. The diameter on the inside of the hoop is approx. 5 cm smaller.
THE ONLY CERTIFIED AERIAL HOOPS IN POLAND AND EUROPE - Our hoops are certified by the independent German research unit TUV Nord, which guarantees the highest quality and safety.

The aerial/circus hoop, also known as aerial lyra, is a device used by acrobats for exercises performed in the air. The hoops have an outside diameter of between 80 to 105 cm (every 5cm). (Of course, we can supply a different size on special request). Aerial hoops are produced in Poland from a steel pipe with a diameter of 27mm (on special request, we can make hoops with a different pipe diameter), which is then powder-coated to ensure a more secure grip, secure the wheel and provide a nicer design.

Aerial Hoop diameter selection (aerial hoop):
We produce aerial hoops with an outer diameter of 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 and 105 cm. The hoop diameter should be selected according to your height. We recommend choosing the diameter of the aerial hoop using one of the following methods (a similar dimension should be obtained):

•    measuring the length from the top of the hip bone to the foot while standing + 5 cm
•    sitting on a chair or against a wall, measuring from the sitting point to the top of the head + 12-15 cm

Pipe diameter.
Our aerial/circus hoops are made of a steel pipe with a diameter of 27mm (on special request, they can be produced with a pipe of a different diameter). These dimensions result from the handle ergonomics tests, aerial hoop made of a thinner pipe will provide better grip but may be less comfortable for elements performed on the lower limbs and lower back. With a larger diameter of the pipe, the grip strength may be lower, but for some people such an aerial hoop may provide greater comfort during training. In Poland 27mm is the most common hoop diameter while abroad aerial hoops are made of pipes with a diameter of between 24 to 34 mm.

If you want to order a hoop with a given pipe thickness, please add your comment to the order.

Number of handles
Single welded handle aerial hoops are standard and also we also recommend them. We also produce aerial hoops with no handles (it is hung directly on a sling). We also often make double handle aerial hoops with the spacing between the handles of 60 °. It is worth noting that aerial hoop exercises with a single and a double handle hoop are very different. In theory, a doule handle aerial hoop should be easier for beginners to learn, but in practice it is a subjective impression.

What aerial hoops are used at competitions?
Single handle aerial hoops are used in 95% of competitions. The exceptions are competitions organized by the IPSF, where double handle hoops are used.

Versatile hoops - on special request, we also make versatile aerial hoops that can be hung on either one or two handles. These are aerial hoops with holes drilled through were shackles are inserted. Such hoops are recommended for people and schools in need of a more versatile solution.

Aerial Hoop Taping:
We usually powder-coat the aerial hoop black. However, it should be remembered that the aerial hoop is usually additionally wrapped with a special tape - called Aerial Hoop Taping. Taping the aerial hoop gives a better grip and better adhesion. We use Mueller Tape. You can order such tapes in our store - accessories tab. We also provide aerial hoops taped by us before shipping.

Taped aerial hoops are used during competitions.

Aerial Hoop Weight:
Our aerial hoops weigh between 4 and 6 kg depending on the diameter of the aerial hoop and the number and type of handles used. These are IPSF-compliant.

Aerial Hoop Handle Shape:
The shape of the welded aerial hoop handles we use ensures maximum comfort and allows exercises on the upper rim. The handle is designed so that it has minimal size and a perfect lining that will not injure the body during exercises.

Additional accessories:
To mount the aerial/circus hoop you need:
•    connectors (the number depends on the additional equipment and the method of mounting)
•    a sling or an extension belt, we recommend that you buy our universal belts, which have a strength of 2 tons and allow for mounting at various heights, with adjustment every 20 cm; our belts are manufactured and tested in Poland
•    a swivel, preventing the rope or belt from twisting during exercises on the aerial hoop.  If you are thinking of professional preparation for a competition, you must have one; remember that if you buy a swivel, you have to buy one more carabiner – SWIVEL
•    a ceiling mount (remember that the ceiling type is very important while choosing the mount) - CERTIFIED CEILING MOUNT
•    Mueller taping for aerial hoop. If you don’t know how to tape the hoop, read the product description or simply contact us - TAPING FOR CIRCULAR WHEELS 

How to mount an aerial hoop:
The aerial hoop mount depends on the type of ceiling. The standard order of elements between the ceiling and the hoop is, as follows:
•    a ceiling mount
•    a connector (or connector-swivel-connector)
•    a sling or a extension belt
•    connector (possibly the sling or the belt can be tied through the hoop without using the connectors)
•    aerial/circus hoop from Flying Rose Sport

Ceiling types:
The choice of the handle and the type of aerial hoop mount depends on the type of ceiling. Remember that the type of ceiling is always the most vulnerable point and great attention must be paid to the proper and safe mount of the aerial hoop. Standard types of ceilings:

•    solid concrete ceiling - suitable for drilling holes and mounting a certified handle using steel or chemical anchors;
•    wooden beams – short wooden beams are suitable for slings, installation with woodscrews is recommended for longer beams made of good quality wood;
•    steel beams -  suitable for slings;
•    a suspended ceiling – needs to be passed and the aerial hoop needs to be mounted to the proper ceiling.

If you have a different type of ceiling, please contact us via e-mail.

Aerial Hoop Mount Height:
Aerial hoops in aerial acrobatics schools should be at the height of the students' chins. The ideal solution is to suspend the aerial hoops while allowing the height adjustment of the aerial hoop. If we consider professional preparation for competitions, our aerial hoop should be above us standing with extended arms, so that by reaching up we can grab it. Such aerial hoop height is the preferred height for all competitions.

Proper space to exercise on the Aerial Hoop:
You often ask how many aerial hoops you can fit in your studio or whether you can fit one in your house. In our opinion, the optimal space for aerial hoop training is a circle with a radius of 1.7 m (1.5 m is also acceptable). Such a space will be perfect for aerial hoop training.

Our aerial hoop wheels are produced in Poland.

5-year warranty on the whole structure!

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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